30 December, 2012

Seeing things from a different angle

This week we are holidaying in Torquay which is about 15km west of my usual haunt at Barwon Bluff from which I check out our southern coastline. It is a little too far from the river mouth to claim that the flora and fauna are directly related to the Barwon, but it does provide an angle for some photos which I haven't really noticed before.
Last night after dinner we went to White's Beach for a wander and I took the camera. The view to the west, looking back towards Torquay township and the sunset was of course spectacular.

Sunset view looking towards Torquay and Point Danger
In the opposite direction the view is equally expansive, but would need to be photographed at dawn to achieve the same impact with the light...and let's just say, I'm not a morning person....
Barwon Heads Bluff

White's Beach looking towards Barwon Heads Bluff
The bird life in the area is not so different to that at Barwon Heads with the same mixture of introduced and native species whilst the various man-made lakes which lie behind the dunes and throughout the golf course host the expected water birds.
The view from the opposite direction: looking towards Torquay from Barwon
Heads Bluff
With any luck I'll get a chance to investigate a little more closely over the next few days....

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