24 December, 2012

A Christmas perennial

With the imminent arrival of Christmas and most of the shopping (if not the cooking) out of the way, I thought it would be timely to write a post with a Christmas theme. The problem was, I was a little short of ideas as to what I should write. As far as I am aware, the Barwon isn't exactly a huge focus of Christmas festivities for the various communities along its length.
A quick Google search provided me with everything I needed to know about booking Christmas accommodation in Barwon Heads, but that was not what I was looking for. I toyed with the idea of featuring some of the many Christmas barbeques and picnics which are held on the banks of the river but thought that perhaps the locals wouldn't be too keen on having their celebrations interrupted by a strange woman with a camera.
So, what was my angle? Last year I went with a mistletoe theme which has been one of my more popular posts, but this year I needed something new. The weather yesterday was - to say the least - rather warm, so after dinner with the family in tow I headed down for a sunset stroll along the river banks. We rambled along towards Breakwater, applying liberal amounts of Aeroguard in a futile attempt to keep the mozzies at bay and then stopped at the bridge while the kids poked around in the water with sticks (my apologies to the fishermen below the breakwater for the noise!).
In no particular hurry - and still with no ideas for my Christmas-themed post - we headed past the golf course and into the stand of sheoaks a few hundred metres before the boat ramp. Then, as we rounded a corner Sarah made an interesting discovery. One of the sheaoks had been decked out in baubles, tinsel and a home-drawn message:
The Jansen's Christmas tree
 The Barwon it seemed now has its very own Christmas tree and I had found my Christmas post for 2012! But who had perpetrated this wilful act of Christmas cheer and why?
Well as it turns out, that was quickly explained. While I snapped a few shots and the boys investigated the baubles, Sarah read the note, whipped out her iPhone (well, opened the Internet browser. The phone itself seems to be firmly enough attached to her hand that it may need surgical removal at some point) and pulled up the blog address provided.
The mystery tree decorators were the Jansen family, the link was to their blog Perennial and it seems that they and the kids had decided some bauble bombing was in order and that the Barwon was the place to do it.
A Christmas message
Rather than repeat the story, I would suggest you go and have a look at the blog for yourself or better still if you're a local, go for a wander and have a look at their tree and then leave a comment on the blog. The kids (Sam and Milly) are dying to hear what people think of their tree!As for us, with the light fading fast and the bats gliding overhead, we completed our loop and headed for home.
I did stop at one point once we had crossed back to our side of the river to take some shots of the possum who lives in the trees near the boat sheds, but it was rather dark by that stage, he was too high up the tree and I discovered that it was very hard to get a clear shot in virtual darkness whilst writhing continually in an attempt to dislodge the dozens of mozzies which had suddenly materialised when I stopped to take my photos.
Moorabool Street at Dusk
Well, the temperature wasn't quite so warm today and I needed a run to offset the impending effects of Christmas. It also occurred to me that there was an extra photo I needed to take, so I plotted my route to finish at the "Christmas tree" and had the support crew meet me there. While they waited for me to drag myself around 12km of scenic river views, they did a little housekeeping, replacing a few fallen baubles and straightening up the tinsel.
Finally, I staggered to my goal and we dragged out the camera.

Sarah, Connor and Fionn under the tree

 Happy Christmas Jansens! From the Mitchells!

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  1. That was a cute bauble bombing by the Jansens, and so nice of you to put it up on your blog too. Wish I could be around to check that out myself! The Barwon Heads accommodations have always been a great attraction for people in and around the Geelong for a quick relaxing drive away! The beach courses and the amazing holiday resorts around are definitely a must visit! However, your Christmas too, sounded pretty merry with the interesting experience you had.