04 April, 2011

Up the creek

Waurn Ponds Creek near Cobbin Farm,
Another trail which links reasonably conveniently to the river track is the one which runs along the side of Waurn Ponds Creek which as I have mentioned, is a tributary of the Barwon River. The creek rises near Mount Moriac and winds its way towards Geelong, where it joins the Barwon a few hundred metres downstream of the Breakwater Bridge.
 The Waurn Ponds trail can generally be reached either via a track from the Breakwater Bridge to Barwon Heads Road or via a path across Belmont Common. The former route is currently out of action due to the Breakwater Bridge re-alignment project which will see the erection of a new bridge over the river. The latter is a more scenic option but at the moment requires a little on-road travel. It takes in the new criterium track, built last year when Geelong hosted the World Cycling Championships, so for those wishing to do so, it is possible to stop off for a few quick (or in my case, not so quick) laps on the way past.
Crossing the Princes Highway and following the trail around, leads to the Barwon Valley Public Golf Course. Down the driveway a short distance and off to the right is a continuation of the trail which leads around the outskirts of the Jerringot Wildlife Reserve, a section of remnant vegetation which lies between the golf course and the Barwon Heads Road. Part of the Barwon's natural environment and having significant flora and fauna as well as strong indigenous links, Jerringot really requires a blog post of its own.
Jerringot Wildlife Reserve
For now, back on the track. Under normal circumstances, it is possible to cross Breakwater Road and take the path which loops around either side of the South Barwon Reserve, providing another crossing at Barwon Heads Road, however the track around the reserve is not currently accessible from Breakwater Road, so some on-road travel is necessary.
There is also another option I would like to see become a reality in the not-too-distant future. I have mentioned previously that the track along the river does not extend beyond the breakwater, however I harbour hopes that with the new Armstrong Creek development getting underway, there might be plans to extend the track at least as far the aqueduct, linking the new suburb (perhaps via Horseshoe Bend Road) to the river trail and its park lands.
For those of us living at the other end, it would mean a variety of trails around the new suburb which could be accessed. An extended trail along the river would pass the Waurn Ponds Creek which runs beside the South Barwon Reserve. A short section of track could perhaps link the river trail to the existing path around the Reserve.
Cobbin Farm
Currently however and once across Barwon Heads Road, the trail follows the course of the creek behind local houses and from this point is sealed all the way to Waurn Ponds. The path is quite open with not as much in the way of re-vegetation. After crossing the Surf Coast Highway however, there is more of an open woodland feel with trees, shrubs and areas of grassland.
The trail continues past the historic Cobbin Farm, bending around with the course of the creek until it reaches Pioneer Road at which point it crosses the road and continues past the Waurn Ponds shopping centre, finally ending at the Princes Highway behind the homemaker centre. To this point in time I have not been past Pioneer Road.

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