19 March, 2017

Paddling the Barwon - Part 2

In the first part of this post, I gave brief descriptions of the sections of the river which I have paddled up to this point in time.
On the Barwon, January, 2013

Below is a table giving details of the various points along the river from which it is possible to launch small water craft such as kayaks and the type of access involved. I have also included links to a photo of each location.

Access Points
Approximate GPS Co-ordinates
Distance to next access
Bell’s Bridge, Inverleigh-Winchelsea Rd, Inverleigh

S38 º 6.792’
E144 º 3.787’


Access from the north bank via dirt track about 200m downstream of Bell’s Bridge
Hamilton Hwy, Murgheboluc

S38 º 6.654’
E144 º 8.459’

Steep bank access. Entry via 400m grassed laneway to the north bank behind “please shut the gate” sign opposite Murgheboluc Public Reserve, Hamilton Hwy, Murgheboluc
Pollocksford Rd, Gnarwarre

S38 º 8.627’
E144 º 11.206’

Access from the east bank via a rutted track to a small weir about 150m north of the bridge
Dear’s Lane, Stonehaven

S38 º 8.427’
E144 º 14.713’

Steep bank access via dirt track from the end of Dear’s Lane, Stonehaven
Merrawarp Rd, Barrabool (Ceres)

S38 º 8.496’
E144 º 15.750’

Steep access to the south bank adjacent to the west side of the bridge via rough access track (approx. 200m)
Track off Gully Rd, Ceres

S38 º 8.749’
E144 º 16.081’

Access via shallow bank. Entry via 550m gravel track from Gully Rd, however permission is required
Cnr Cyril Synot Dve and Degoldi’s Rd, Fyansford.

S38 º 8.946’
E144 º 17.995’

Access via 200m gravel track to parking area. River entry from concrete-paved slipway or timber deck
Moorabool River west bank, Fyansford Common, Fyansford

S38 º 8.672’
E144 º 18.691’

Access to the Moorabool about 450m upstream from the confluence with the Barwon via a paved slipway. Portage of around 150m required from nearest parking
Fyans Park boat ramp, Cnr Gairloch and West Fyans St

S38 º 9.389’
E144 º 19.280’

Concrete ramp access adjacent to parking
Marnockvale Rd, Newtown

S38 º 9.893’
E144 º 19.970’

Access via timber deck adjacent to the Geelong Canoe Club facilities
South Geelong

S38 º 9.930’
E144 º 21.261’

Access either from the deck at the rowing sheds (north bank) or ramp access from opposite bank (access via Barrabool Rd)
Gun Dog Lane, Breakwater

S38 º 10.906’
E144 º 21.861’

Upstream access from timber deck adjacent to road bridge (west bank). Downstream access from the west bank below the bridge
Wilson’s Rd, St Alban’s Park

S38 º 12.076’
E144 º 23.140’

Access from the bank adjacent to the Geelong Water Ski Club at the end of Wilson’s Rd
Lake Connewarre

S38 º 14.217’
E144 º 25.776’

S38 º 12.927’
E144 º 28.922’


(5.2km from Tait’s Point)
Access via concrete-paved boat ramp or pontoon, end of Stacey’s Rd

Shallow bank access via steep track from the end of Brinsmead’s Lane
Barwon Heads

S38 º 15.922’
E144 º 29.795’

S38 º 15.774’
E144 º 30.475’

S38 º 16.884’
E144 º 29.682’

Access via boat ramp, River Parade on the west bank

 Boat ramp access from carpark

Beach access from either side of the river at Barwon Heads/Ocean Grove

Of course, there are other locations from which it is possible to launch small craft, however they either do not have close enough vehicle access, are on private property or there is another suitable access point with better facilities nearby. For example, it is possible to launch from the decks near the bridge at Queen's Park, but the boat ramp at Fyans Park is within 1km of the bridge and provides easier access to the river.
River access points plotted o Google Earth. Click to enlarge

The first part of this post can be found at Paddling the Barwon - Part 1Happy paddling everyone!


  1. Hey, Thanks for all of you hard work.
    It is appreciated.

  2. Thanks for your hard work.
    It is apprreciated.


  3. hello, not sure if you are still active on this blog, just wondering how long it you would think it would take a novice to kayak from barwon heads up to taits point and back?

    1. Hi! I sure am! Hmmm...it's a while since I've paddled that stretch and I usually do it in one direction only or as part of the full distance from Geelong to Barwon Heads.
      The distance from BH to Tait's Point in one direction is about 12km and I paddle at about 4-6km/hour I think. It is worth considering the tide and weather. Last time I was paddling on the river at BH it was very windy and would have been very slow going had I paddled upriver. Tide may well be an issue too.
      I would also suggest if you are paddling back from Tait's Point that you mark a waypoint with a GPS device so you can find the channel entry as the river splits into lots of little channels where it joins Lake Connewarre. The lake can also be quite shallow in places and the lake floor is quite soft and muddy too which can slow things down.

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    3. Thanks! I think I will paddle down from Taits point to the heads. Sounds like it may be tricky if done at low tide (but may be the only option I have, limited window at the moment between other activities) I will make sure a plan ahead with GPS. Thanks again