23 May, 2013

Let there be lights!

Okay, for the moment at least, it is time to leave the 19th  century behind (I will return) and have a look at the ultra-modern. Well, modern for Geelong.
A sunny May day - possibly one of the last for the season - so I thought it was time to head to the river for a few shots which might present me with a plausible blog topic. As I was about to head out the door to grab a coffee and decide which direction to take, an email appeared in my inbox which made the decision for me (see "The thrill of the chase").
Barwon Heads it was! So, off I trotted intending to clear up the other matter asap, snap some photos and get that coffee. Well, as usual on a sunny day, the Barwon Heads Bluff was spectacular and the river was literally sparkling. As for a quick trip, well, it didn't quite work out that way, but eventually I got what I was after - and a couple of pictures too, but no immediate inspiration blog-style.
My next stop was Tait's Point, always good for a panoramic shot or the odd bird snap. Being a little windy, the birds seemed mostly to have blown away but the view was clear...and the germ of an idea was finally beginning to form..
Looking towards Geelong from Tait's Point
I took the shots I was after and headed back to town. My next stop was under the James Harrison Bridge and a short walk:
View across the Barwon from between the Moorabool St and James Harrison Bridges
then the top of the Belmont Escarpment and Seaview Park,
View across the river from Seaview Park
before heading round to Barwon Boulevard.
The 19th century meets the 21st century: chimneys and a spire, light towers
and a crane
By now, I was running a little short of time but made a final dash for Montpellier Park where I knew from past experience there are some of the best views of Geelong to be had. And I was not disappointed! By this time I had definitely decided upon a topic, but the question was how far could I take my idea? Well, for the moment, this is as far as it goes, however the weather is looking good for tomorrow so we shall see...

The bay, the Barwon and the "the lights"
Oh, and for the record, yes if enlarged enough you can see the lights in the photo from Tait's Point.

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