12 July, 2012

An open and shut case

Last Wednesday I posted on the opening of the Troop Loop. New marker posts were installed, Lee Troop and a number of local junior runners turned out for the opening along with the expected array of councilors and dignitaries.
The start of the Troop Loop
And thus, a new running track was born.
By Saturday morning however, Geelong's newest running facility was - at least in part - closed.
The no-go zone
Why? Well, because 'they' (Parks Victoria I am guessing) are surfacing the unsealed section of track from a few hundred metres past the start point of the Troop Loop to the old Breakwater Bridge.
This measure is designed to improve the track through this section which is presently unsealed and prone to turn into a quagmire at the first sign of rain. And, with the weather we have had so far this winter, it is a valid concern.
I might also add that as a runner, I do find it easier to run on a sealed track (although I know some prefer a softer surface). What this will do I think, is change the atmosphere of this section of the track which at the moment I think feels somewhat less formal and in some parts is probably more picturesque than other sections.
Then: September, 2010
And now: Saturday, 7th July, 2012
Whether this is a good thing remains to be seen.
As at Saturday afternoon, the track had been graded in preparation for further works and signs were in place indicating that the track was closed - not that this seemed to be deterring many of the local contingent who continued to walk, run and ride as usual.
By Monday, work had begun at the Landy Field end, laying stones ready for the bitumen.
Surfacing works
And then on Tuesday, the rain began...and the work stopped....and there for the moment at least, it appears to have halted...
When work will recommence and how long it will take I don't know.

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