27 May, 2012

Getting over it

In August, 2010, the construction company McConnell Dowell was awarded the contract to build a 1.3km stretch of road connecting Fellmongers Road, Breakwater to the Barwon Heads Road on the opposite side of the Barwon River. The project incorporated a two lane road, bike lane and pedestrian crossing  Well, after 18 months of toil, today, the 27th May, 2012, the new Breakwater realignment finally opened...and of course, I wasn't there to see it.
I did however, send my ambassadors out to snap some photos of and from the new bridge which was opened to the public without fanfare at 11am. It does not appear to have been widely publicised, however from 11am until about 1pm the bridge remained closed to vehicles but was opened to any curious pedestrians who wanted to wander across for a look. And it seems quite a number of the locals were keen to have a look.
Below are a selection of photos taken from the bridge at various points looking east and west.

Old and new. The approach to the new bridge on the left with the old
Breakwater Road on the right looking east

Breakwater bridge realignment looking from the foot of the bridge looking
east towards Breakwater

Looking east along the Breakwater Bridge
Looking east
Looking west over the new bridge
Looking west around the bend
From the west
View of train line between Geelong and Marshall stations from the new bridge
View of the old Breakwater Bridge looking south east from the new bridge
Over the next few days perhaps I had better take a walk, ride and drive (camera in hand of course), to check things out for myself.


  1. People love to walk bridges, especially new ones.
    Denis Wilson

  2. Me included! Was not happy that they chose to open it to the public on the one Sunday for months that I was busy! I also suspect a few more than the 500 they got may have been interested too, but as far as I can tell, there was next to no publicity announcing that the bridge was open for the public walk.